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Subject: The Family Pride #1This story is intended for adult readers only. It is not meant to be read
by children, so if you are not of legal age, please go away. This is
probably only the product of my imagination, but then again......."The Family Pride"
by lotte_lenyaMy name is Donna. Donna Pride. My husband Jason and I live in a small town
in western Indiana, not far from the Illinois border. With a population of
just under two thousand, it is the sort of town where it's still safe for
the kids to run and play outside without fear of strangers. A town where
you can leave your doors unlocked and not worry too much about it. We boast
two gas stations, four churches, an IGA food store, a courthouse, an
old-fashioned ice cream parlor, a two-cell jail and three sheriff's
deputies. The sort of small town America where you think you know your
friends and family pretty well. But that isn't always true...I forgot to mention that we have a Moose Lodge out at the edge of town. If
you aren't familiar with the Loyal Order of the Moose, it's a place where
the men in town do their serious drinking while they play at being lodge
brothers. As for us, the wives, we belong to the Ladies of the Moose, if
you will. We do the cooking and baking for the annual picnic and handle the
cleaning of the lodge and all those little things someone decreed should be
done by women. {Some man no doubt.} However, the thing we women most look
forward to is the dance every Saturday evening. From the membership dues
the lodge collects, they usually hire a small band from the neighboring
counties. Sometimes they even get a band that plays on key. {Not often
though.} But the ballroom in the lodge is really quite nice. Although big
and not very well lighted; the tables scattered haphazardly around the
perimeter of the dance floor, everyone seems to have fun and look forward
to the dances. I tell you about the lighting {or lack thereof} because it
is an integral part of the beginningAs usual that Saturday evening, there were six of us seated at our favorite
table in the corner, far enough away from the stage that we could all
converse without having to yell. There was my husband Jase of course, then
clockwise around the table there tiny girls nude lolitas was Carl Lassiter and his wife Norma, then
my brother Forrest, and seated next to me my sister-in-law, Barbara. Jase
and Carl were engaged in a heated discussion about the chances of the
Indiana Pacers to win their division this year, while Norma was asking my
brother about building a patio on the back of her house. Forrest has his
own small construction company and is doing quite well from what I suspect.
He and Barbara have been married some eleven months, and although cordial
to one another because of the family connection, she and I weren't all that
close. I suppose it was because the only thing we did have in common was my
brother. I am after all in my early forties, while she is in the middle of
her twenties.It's true that all of us were half wasted that evening, I'll admit that.
Not so wasted that we didn't understand what was going on around us, but
not feeling any pain either. Anyway, there came a moment when my
sister-in-law leaned towards me to say something into my ear, at the same
time dropping her hand beneath the table cloth to rest her palm on my
knee. I really didn't think too much about it until she casually moved her
hand several inches higher up my leg, under the hem of my cocktail dress,
her fingers lightly tickling the inner side of my thigh. It must have been the drinks I had consumed that caused me to do what I
would never have considered doing had I been completely sober. Instead of
stopping her, I simply spread my knees wide apart and pretended I was
watching the band. I suppose lolitas teens under 18
lolita preeteen no hair I was thinking that she wouldn't go any
further and was just teasing around, but she took the spreading of my knees
as an open invitation. Her hand slid all the way up between my legs.I had to suppress a tiny gasp as her fingers touched against my panty
covered crotch, and I was instantly wet. I was also astonished that this
was really happening. Barbara is one of the most feminine looking women I
have ever known, long blonde hair and green eyes, not a blemish on her
face, lovely to look at, shapely and tall. But most importantly, married to
my own brother. My mind was reeling as she gently but firmly rubbed my
pussy, only the thin rayon panties I was wearing creating a barrier. Having
married quite young in life, and being a "country girl" as it were, this
was the most bizarre and sexually exciting thing that had ever happened to
me, even after having three children.I made a small mew of protest when Barbara suddenly withdrew her hand from
under my dress and leaned towards me again, lightly touching her lips to nude lolitas 10 17
ear. "I have a key for the supply room," she breathed into my ear. "Wait a
few minutes, then tell them you're going to the powder room or something.
I'll be waiting for you."With out even black lolita teen photos
waiting for a response, without a word to anyone, she stood
up and glided from the table and I found myself watching the curves of her
buttocks as she walked away. Heart pounding in my chest, head swirling, I
turned my head to look at my brother. His eyes met mine and he pursed his
lips in a kissing pucker and winked at me. I realized suddenly that he was
aware of everything that had happened. Then, casually, he turned his face
away and resumed his conversation with Norma. I sat there in stunned
silence for a long minute, then I touched my husband on the
shoulder. "Honey? I...I'm going to the ladies room."He made a brushing movement with his hand. "Yeah...whatever," he said,
then turned towards Carl again, ignoring me completely. "Well, I think
Scottie Pippin is one of the best forwards in the game, whadda you think?" I could hear Carl agreeing with him as I pushed myself away from the table
and rose to my feet, my legs feeling oddly weak as I stumbled my way
through the obstacle course of the tables. Every table in the place seemed
to be occupied. I heard several people call my name as I passed, but I
pretended not to hear them. Thankfully when I reached the safety of the
vestibule, there was no one there to see as I turned down the hall towards
the supply room. 'She probably isn't even in here,' I thought to myself as
I turned the knob and pushed the door open. But of course she baerchen loli bbs board was, leaning
against the wall with her arms crossed over her breasts. She smiled when I
entered the room."Close the door and make sure you lock it," she said softly. "I didn't
think you'd really come."My hand was trembling as I turned and closed the door. The lock made a loud
click as I turned the knob. "I didn't think I would come either," I said
weakly, turning to face my sister-in-law again. "Barbara? I...I'm not sure
what's going on. I mean..."Smiling again, Barbara moved forward until she was standing close in front
of me. I didn't offer the slightest resistance when she pulled me into her
arms and kissed me, her tongue spearing between my lips. I closed my eyes
and gave myself up to the sensation of her mouth on mine, feeling myself
grow limp with desire as I returned the kiss measure for measure. Finally
sliding her mouth away, she sank slowly to her knees."We haven't got much time," she said thickly as she slid her hands up under
my dress and hooked her fingers into the elastic baerchen loli bbs board waistband of my panties.
As she skimmed the panties down my legs, I wondered inanely if the tiled
floor was hurting her knees, then I pulled one foot free and taking hold of
the hem of my dress, I bunched it up around my waist and spread my legs,
leaning back against the wood paneled wall of the supply room. I flinched
slightly as she pressed her face into the valley between my thighs, then I
moaned softly as her tongue slid up and down the swollen lips of my vagina.
Using her fingers to spread the lips apart, she probed with her tongue
until she found the nub of my clitoris and began sucking, her tongue
swirling, her hands clasping the naked cheeks of my ass as she pulled me
tighter against her mouth and tongue. Then she suddenly pulled her head
back and looked up at me, her chin resting against my pubic hair, the
juices from my body glistening on her face."Do you want me to stop, Donna?" she asked hoarsely. "Should I stop?""No," I moaned, "...no...please...please...""Please what?""Lick me," I groaned. "Please..."I could hear her laughing softly as she buried her face into my crotch
again...End of chapter one
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